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According to one study by Google, at least 76% of “near me” searches result in store visits, and at least 28% of that number result in a purchase.


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From contractors to storefronts, restaurants all benefit from a local SEO strategy

Keeping small businesses afloat and profitable during these trying times can be extremely difficult. Fortunately, the rise of high-speed internet and sophisticated but affordable smartphones has created a chance for small firms to compete on a new — and more fair — playing field. SEO, or more precisely, local SEO, is one of the best of these opportunities.

Local SEO is the process of optimizing a website for local searches. Generally, a user performs a local search by adding the tags “near me” or “nearby” or, even more simply, using their smartphone’s location feature when performing a search. According to one study, mobile searches that include those same tags have increased by more than 200% over the past couple of years. Therefore, local business owners would do well to understand how to use local SEO to remain competitive.

Here at YellowJack Media, we provide excellent optimization services without the financial stress added to you. Our local SEO services come included with several important local SEO factors that are essential in today’s digital world.

As a highlight, here are some of those factors and how we provide them as part of our local SEO service.

Google My Business Optimization

Google My Business is an online tool that provides account owners with the capability to manage their business listing on Google. A business listing (or business profile) is what appears when you perform a search on Google. These profiles typically contain options and tabs for directions, location on Google Maps, street view, contact details, and so forth.
YellowJack Media’s local SEO services include excellent optimization of your Google My Business Account to increase your business’ chances of appearing more frequently during local organic searches.

Local Citations Building

In SEO terms, local citations refer to references of your business by other websites. Common examples include online business directories, blogs, or local websites. YellowJack Media’s local SEO services will include building and developing your business’ local citations in order to bolster and further optimize your Google My Business profile, among other relevant factors.

Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting is, perhaps, one of the most common methods people frequently associate SEO with. In simple terms, keyword targeting is the process of using specific keywords, phrases, or word combinations to optimize a website’s search rankings. Here at YellowJack Media, we specialize in keyword targeting by analyzing over 100 keywords that would best suit your business and impact your revenue.

Rating and Review Management

Ratings and reviews of a business — whether online or otherwise — can be one of the cornerstones of a sustainable and successful business. This holds even more true in the digital world, as search engines, more specifically Google, trusts highly-rated websites. Public reviews are taken into account by search algorithms and can help propel a reviewed website to a higher search ranking. YellowJack Media’s local SEO services include the management of your website’s ratings and reviews via the application of the proper keyword targeting techniques to ensure greater search results for your business.

Link building is an off-page SEO strategy that focuses on linking your website to and from other websites. Search engine algorithms also take links into account when a search is made. The more links embedded and directed to your website, the more web traffic and site visits are generated. Building links leading to your website is one of the many inclusions in our local SEO service packages.

User Experience and Mobile Friendliness Analysis

It is often said that a good, SEO-ready website is a user-friendly one. However, excellent SEO-ready websites are those that are also available and optimized for mobile. Here at YellowJack Media, we provide user experience and mobile friendliness analysis for business websites, both before the adoption of our local SEO services and after.

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According to one study by Google, at least 76% of “near me” searches result in store visits, and at least 28% of that number result in a purchase. This means that, by becoming more locally optimized, a business can increase its chances of generating more leads, which could then generate more customer calls.

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