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Get SEO and PPC to Work Together

SEO and Paid search (PPC) are often seen as two separate channels that compete with each other for budget, attention and resources. However, there are ways to get them both working together in harmony. Here are five tips that will help you get your PPC and SEO campaigns working together.

Establish a unified reporting system.

Having one source of truth across both channels will give you an excellent starting point for optimizing your campaigns. This unified system should include KPIs from both channels so that you can compare the performance of each channel accurately. It should also measure how the two channels work together, such as how much organic traffic is driven by paid ad clicks or vice versa.

Optimize landing pages for both PPC and SEO.

Optimizing landing pages for both PPC and SEO will help ensure that all visitors have a positive experience on your site regardless of how they arrived there. This means using relevant keywords in titles, headings, meta-descriptions, alt-text, etc., as well as ensuring that landing page content is tailored towards what users expect when they click on an ad or arrive at your site organically through a search engine query.

Utilize shared content between channels.

Content marketing is essential for any successful digital marketing campaign, but it doesn’t have to be created independently for each channel – by sharing content between channels you can save time while still providing value to customers across multiple platforms. For example, blog posts can be made into ads on social media platforms like Facebook or promoted through email newsletters in order to reach more potential customers with minimal effort.

Leverage data from one channel to inform another channel’s strategy:

By leveraging data from one channel in another channel’s strategy you can ensure that your campaigns are always improving and adapting to user behavior in real-time – this means testing different ad variations on Google Ads and then using the insights gained from those tests to inform future organic search optimizations, or vice versa!

Integrate paid search into organic search strategies :

Incorporating paid search into an organic search strategy allows you to have greater control over who sees your website (and when). This means targeting specific demographics with ads , optimizing bids based on conversion rates , or even testing new keywords before rolling them out organically . All of these tactics allow you to better tailor your message and increase conversions over time


Combining PPC and SEO efforts isn’t just possible – it’s necessary if you want your campaigns to achieve maximum success! By following the five tips outlined above, you’ll be able to combine the best aspects of paid and organic search strategies into a cohesive whole that works together seamlessly . So don’t let competitive tensions keep you from getting the most out of what both disciplines have to offer – start leveraging their synergies today!

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