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2022 Marketing Scholarship

The YellowJack Media Marketing scholarship is a yearly scholarship that awards students $1,000 based on thier marketing idea submission. To qualify student applicants should be persuing a certificate, associates or bachelors degree in marketing or related business degrees.

They must also submit a essay, or video with presentation of thier marketing idea based on this years query.

For more information email us at 

Please Note: This is a letigimate scholarship, Students do not have to pay to apply, all students that meet the requirments can apply. Never pay to apply for a scholarship they are usually not real. 

Your work is your own: All work submitted belongs to the student, We will publish your work on our website and social media to highlight the best submissions but will take them down if a student contacts us to do so.

Submission Query

A non-profit organization approches you to help them with thier marketing strategy. Understanding that most non-profits are always on a tight budget, What strategy can you build to helpthis non-profit win.

Content must include the following

  1. You choose the type of non-profit, It can be real or a made up organization.
  2. If it currently has branding what could you do to enhance it? What whould you do if they had little to no branding?
  3. What type of mediums would you choose to advertise in?
  4. How would digital marketing play its role in this strategy?
  5. Will public relations be a part of the strategy?
  6. Lastly what would you do to optimize thier tight budget while maximizing the awarness and key performance indicators.

Submission Requirements:

  • Essays must be uploaded in Word (.doc / .docx) or PDF format.
  • If submitting a video they must be in MP4 format, Links to Youtube or vimeo are also accepted
  • Essays must be a minimum of 1,000 words and no more than 1,500 words.
  • Any outside sources used or referenced in your esssay must be properly cited.
  • Your work must be your own! Plagiarized essays or ideas will be automatically disqualified.

Who Is Eligible?

Scholarship is available for students pursuing a certificate, associates, or bachelors in marketing, business or a related area of study.

What Is The Award Amount?

The student will be awarded $1,000.

One recipient will be selected on Tuesday September 14th, 2022.

Submission Deadline?

The deadline for all submissions is 5:00pm (EST) on Friday Aug 19th, 2022

Scholarship Application

Having trouble with the form, Email us your details above to

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